Who We Are

The JATSC involves the Safety and Health Leadership from each of the IAM airline Districts along with Grand Lodge Leadership.
-We represent a broad spectrum of airlines, geographical locations and work groups within the airline and related industries where our members work.
-Collectively, our committee members represent over 450 years of front line airline experience.

How We Started
-In 2007 we were created by then General Vice President Robert Roach
-First meeting was coordinated and hosted by Airline Coordinator Tom Brickner and Tim Klima and was held at the Transportation Conference
What we do
The committee meets each quarter and conferences each month to fulfill our mission of protecting and improving the safety and health of our members

Our Mission
-More efficiently address safety issues for our members
-Build relationships that lend to the ability to call upon one another to coordinate our overall safety activities

Mission Statement
-Continue to be a reliable and dependable source and resource to governmental agencies in order to strengthen laws, regulations and other worker protections
-Assist with improving contract safety language for all IAM covered areas

-Ongoing Collaboration between each District’s Safety and Health efforts
-Developed a “buffet” selection of safety and health contract language
-Participated in a Government Accounting Office study on airline/airport safety and security
-Conduct Station Safety Visits & Safety Committee Training

-Established the IAM Transportation “Excellence in Safety” Award
-Conducted the 2010 and 2012 IAM Transportation Safety Survey
-Represented on the FAA Maintenance Fatigue Work Group and OSHA Airline Alliance

-Made recommendations to Legislative Committee for Safety and Health legislative issues
-Provided radiation monitoring badges for airport workers that are required to work in close proximity to TSA baggage screening machines

-Received advanced accident investigation training
-Developed the “Safety 101” course for new and prospective Safety and Health Committee members.
-Conducting Station Visits to deliver “Safety 101”

-Developed the JATSC website

Safety means different things to the many different airline workers
Our Mission involves both employee safety AND the safety of flight