Hawaiian HSAP / MSAP



The IAM Districts 141 and 142 along with Hawaiian Airlines have implemented HSAP “Hawaiian Safety Action Program for Hawaiian Ramp, Customer Service, Fleet Support, Contract Service, GSE, Cargo and Stores personnel, and MSAP “Maintenance Action Program” for Maintenance.  With front-line employees voluntarily sharing more information about safety incidents and hazards, often unknown risks can be identified, better understood, and lowered to an acceptable level to reduce aircraft and equipment damage and most importantly, employee and passenger injuries. All reports are kept confidential and de-identified. Name can only be release to your union safety reps if needed. 

The HSAP program is also very important if you are directly involved in an safety incident such as “accident”, the HASP program provides you the union member protection of your job.  


To file a GSIP or MSAP report follow the link to the Hawaiian Safety page httpss://clients.intelex.com/Login3/HawaiianAirlines/

IAM Hawaiian Airlines 141 Safety Committee Chairman 

Ku’ulie Mcguire

Email kuulie.iam141@gmail.com  Cell 808-723-0111


IAM Hawaiian Airlines 142 Safety Committee Representative 

Marshall Lum

Email 142safetyiam@gmail.com Cell 808-753-2938